Super 4 Progressive Blackjack

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Super 4 Progressive

Players now have the exciting option of placing a Super 4 Progressive Blackjack wager!

The Super 4 Progressive wager wins whenever the Dealer gets Blackjack, or whenever the Dealer’s ”up card” is an Ace. Additionally any player who makes a Super 4 Progressive wager shall receive an Envy Bonus when another player at the same table is the holder of a Royal Flush. When the dealer has Blackjack, the player’s two cards and the dealer’s Blackjack are combined to make a four card hand. Hands are paid according to the posted pay table. The pay table is as follows:


Envy Bonus

Royal Flush (Diamonds)

100% of meter


Royal Flush (Spades, Hearts & Clubs)

10% of meter



750 for 5


350 for 5


250 for 5

Two Pair

150 for 5

Same Color

75 for 5


50 for 5

Any Hand

25 for 5

Dealer Ace Up (No Blackjack)

15 for 5


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