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SugarRush $100,000 Guarantee Tournament

This month's SugarRush Challenge will take place from June 21st-25th.

  • Multiple satellites in the days before it starts--get in for only $85.
  • Eight starting flights--you can play in multiple flights, your largest stack goes forward to Day 2.
  • DAY 2 buy-ins--you can enter at the start of Day 2 with four times the starting stack.
  • $100,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool

Check out our structure sheet below. Call 215.717.3883 for more info.
Also, follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@sugarhousepoker) for updates.

June SugarRush Tourn Structure Sheets 8.5x11-page-001

$85 Multi-Table Satellites

We're offering four different mega-satellites in the days before the first flight:

  • June 15th @ 7pm
  • June 18th @ 7pm
  • Two on June 20th @ 1pm & 7pm

The satellites have 20 minute levels with 12,000 starting chips. We take re-entries for two hours.

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