• Frank_TableGames

    Frank – Table Games Dealer

    "I have been in the casino business for over 30 years and when I heard about SugarHouse opening in Philadelphia, I decided to apply because the thought of opening a casino was very exciting to me. I have been here since the beginning and SugarHouse has been great, the Team Members are the best I have ever worked with. Oh, and the guests are also excellent.

    I am very glad I made the change in my career. I just love the SugarHouse!"

  • Stephanie_Bartender

    Stephanie – Bartender

    "Everyone at SugarHouse is friendly and we are like a family. I love my Managers and fellow co-workers and we communicate very well. SugarHouse is very open to communication and the leadership team constantly asks us what we want and what will make us happy. We have recently implemented several changes, based on our feedback, that have improved our experience. I have never worked for a company like that!

    I love working here and I have fun every day!"

  • Dan_Valet_Attendant

    Dan – Valet Attendant

    "The Valet Department is an amazing team and we work really hard, but have a great time while doing it. My favorite memory is when the Valet Team built a cardboard ship that we used to steal the “Paddle,” our monthly guest service award.

    At SugarHouse we get to have fun at work, meet really cool people, both guests and Team Members, and be rewarded for your hard work. Can’t ask for a better job than that!"

  • Karen_Security_Officer

    Karen – Security Officer

    "SugarHouse has team spirit. I have been working here for almost 2 years, and everyone here is like family and I work with a great group of team members. The atmosphere here is fun and team members in other departments always say “hi” to one another. People are friendly here because of the way we are treated. We are made to feel valued not like a number, but a real person.

    I have long term values and goals, and I’m here for the long haul."

  • Zubia_Casino_Cage_Cashier

    Zubia – Casino Cage Cashier

    "I have been at SugarHouse since opening day and it’s like a home away from home. When interacting with our guests I make it my personal job to know their name. I want them to feel important too. 

    Our benefits are really good too. I never really knew what they entailed but when I had my baby the orderly taking me up to my hospital room said, “You must have some really good insurance, people don’t usually have private rooms.